Time Alchemy

a dynamic and soulful approach

to managing your time

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In a time when we, as busy and ambitious business professionals, get stretched ever so thin across a never-ending stream of demands, we don’t need yet another fragmented tip or trick for how to increase our productivity, manage our to-dos, and organize our schedules.

We need real solutions that stick.

Time Alchemy gets to the core of what it really takes to discover a time management approach that works for you. It is centered around playful experimentation, soulful introspection, and purpose-driven self-empowerment.

Rather than aiming to squeeze more out of your time, you’ll learn a highly adaptable and experiential framework for how to create a truly rich experience of time.

With roots in Agile principles and practices, the approach has been thoroughly tested during years of experimentation and is supported by discoveries in neuroscience.

Rather than trying to “manage time”, let’s focus on what we CAN manage! You’ll learn an adaptable and experiential approach for how to make time your friend and let your deepest aspirations be your compass.

Create a time management approach that truly fits you - now and in the future.

"I learned that when we do less but become fully focused on what we commit to, we can accomplish more than a to-do list for that elusive project." - Suzanne

Time Alchemy IS for you if...

You want lasting impact with a sustainable approach that truly fits you.

You want to engage in a playful, soulful, and experimental approach to time management.

You are willing to courageously claim this one precious lifetime and prioritize your time according to what really matters.

"Time Alchemy is unlike any of the many other time management

systems you may have tried and failed at." - Don

Core Concepts

To create a truly rich experience of time:

  • Inspired Intentions; clarify what is most meaningful to YOU using manageable levels for clarity.

  • Aligned Actions; on a DAILY basis, make sure to manage expectations and invest your attention and energy toward what is most meaningful to YOU.

  • Ever-Evolving Experimentation; continuously experiment to way to an approach that truly fits YOU and that supports the gradual growth of your Capacity Zone

"I highly recommend Time Alchemy as a means of stepping into a purpose-driven life with more intention and a better concept of time management." - Holly

Time Alchemy is NOT for you if...

You are only interested in quick fixes.

You are unwilling to introspect and empower yourself.

Expect a cookie-cutter or "once and done"


About the author

Ulrika Brattemark, is a corporate ex-pat and life enthusiast.

As a time management coach, she supports heart-centered solopreneurs in creating a sustainable and deeply fulfilling daily lives, so that they can have an even bigger positive impact on the world.

When coaching and leading workshops, she leans on her extensive experience as a business analyst and Agile coach, as well as her expressive arts studies, and decades of motherhood.

She lives by the motto of "playfully doing important work."